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About Bacon Acres Ranch

Cerified Veteteran in Agriculture

Started in 2016 as a hobby, and has since morphed into a farm/hobby.  We are Aaron and Mindy Edman and have been married 17 years.  Aaron is a veteran and served 13 years as a Military Police for the Missouri National Guard.  We raise heritage breeds pigs and believe a happy pig is a tastey pig.  Our pigs enjoy pasture and personal attention, as well as treats like apples, plums, and acorns.  We are a small farm and  operate out of our own pocket.  The farm has been free of chemicals, fertilizer, and unnatural substances since 2011.  We believe in growing our gardens, fruit trees, and animals without the use of chemicals, antibiotics, or other synthetic materials or inputs.  We sell wholes and halves and for every ten whole pigs we sell we will donate 1 back to veterans groups, or non profits that support veteran.  

Helping veterans

Mulefoot/Large black crosses

Since we are veterans we believe in helping other veterans.  So we give back, your support of our small operation will be given back to veterans groups, such as 22 kill, Patriot Guard riders, AIVMC, Welcome Home veterans shelter, Faith Renewed Drill Team, and others.  These organizations help veterans directly and indierectly through training, shelter, education and awareness.  Their efforts are deserving of our prosperity and time as they safeguard those who keep us safe and free.

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Whole hog, can be ordered 2 ways $2.50/lb hang weight delivered to your processor or $675 processed.  We bill via invoice and only require a $50 deposit.  You can even pay the full bill over time with $50/month payments while your pig grows.  Once processd, all cuts will be vacum packed and will be frozen.  We will also be offering custom smokers small to large and even offer smoking for your events.  And let’s not forget about the best part,BACON! Contact us and let us show you the difference in quality and service.


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